Building Into The Show


We're just shy of eleven weeks out and I'm normally feeling big, full and like a powerhouse! It’s my second year working with Hany Rambod and we have made some good gains this offseason and we also have a new game plan coming into this show. I'm not sure if Hany does this with some of his other clients, but given the way my body is when dieting I agree with his methods and think it may really pay off in February! Normally when a bodybuilder diets for a show there is a natural progression from offseason to diet to extreme diet. Basically most start their diet with lots of food, minimal cardio and work their way up from there: As they get closer they increase the cardio, decrease the calories and watch as their body reaches that perfect point. We on the other hand have decided on a different plan. We're going to bring it in tight for the first six weeks and then as we get around the ten week mark actually start building into the show. I am excited about it because part of my issue when dieting is maintaining the fullness and volume in the muscle, mainly my legs. I think with this plan I will actually stay nice and full all the way into the show. We are just under eleven weeks out and I am sitting at 267lbs, leaner than I ever have been at this weight. I think when we start pounding the food back I am actually going to get more lean and more full! I trained legs yesterday with Darren Oliver, one of Canada's top trainers. He was able to manipulate my body in certain ways to really hit certain areas of my legs. We're mainly working the outer, upper sweep which is a bitch for most guys to really learn how to hit properly - one of those guys being myself! I was honored to be able to learn some new techniques and new angles to take back and incorporate into my own leg training. Whoever says you shouldn't hire someone to help you is really just close minded in my opinion. Lately I hear people stress how great it is that this guy and that guy are doing their own prep or not training with anyone. I don't get it. This is the only sport in the world where it’s ok to be close minded and make huge mistakes. There is always someone who knows more and there is always someone who can teach you something. An NFL quarterback has a coach, and MLB hitter has a coach, these guys are at the top of their game and they still have someone standing there saying: “No you can still do it better.” Why is it okay in major sports but not ours? Come on guys, think about it. Here is a picture taken last Friday (as you can see I have the legs hidden, I guess they'll be unveiled in a few months)... 

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