Canadian Nationals Vancouver Aug.22nd 09


I just returned from Vancouver Canada what was my final trip before this years Mr.Olympia. I had a ball and the show was absolutley great, very well organized and smoothly run by the Promoter Kosta Kromidas and his crew, they did and outstanding job! I was very welcome and treated with with alot of respect, you could tell that the Canadian really appreciated a pro coming out there this close to the Olympia which alot of my fellow pros wouldn't do 5 weeks out. They made sure I had what I needed to make sure I don't have to come of my diet at all. I enjoyed every minute of and so did the crowd. I of course gave them exactly what they deserved and that was alot of size with good condition and of course I went all up in the crowd for them all to get a close look at DJ, real real close lol. Now I'm back in Phoenix with only one thing on my mind and that is the 09 Mr.Olympia. George and I have everything mapped out and our plan is to come into the Olympia and surprise a few more people with the best DJ thus far. In Tampa I weighted 249lb, Dallas I was 247,5lb and our goal for the O is somewhere between 242lb-245lb which will be just about the same weight I was in 2003 where I placed 4th. Now with a few more years of matured muscle which I believe will be a leathal combination. With this years absolutely great lineup at the O, I personally believe that the fans will be in for a treat of a lifetime when it come to bodybuilding at it's best. This year will be without a doubt the best Olympia in the history of the IFBB!! I will keep you guys updated on regular bases from here on out all the way to the Olympia to let you the fans and true bodybuilding supporters see what's going on in the DJ camp. So keep checking back here on FLEXONLINE.COM and my website to get the breaking news as soon as they break! All the best DJ