So who’s winning the Mr. Olympia after the two prejudging rounds? The first callouts for the symmetry and muscularity rounds included these four competitors: Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and Dennis James. Those four so far have the judges’s eyes, but anything can happen tonight at the finals.

To make up your own mind who’s winning the 2003 Mr. Olympia, check out our prejudging gallery below. We’ll be back after the show with complete results and photos.

Mr. Olympia Prejudging
Mr. Olympia Prejudging Photo Gallery

Lenda Murray won her eighth Ms. Olympia Friday night in Las Vegas, joining Lee Haney as the only other bodybuilder to win eight Olympia titles. Murray successfully defended her crown from a fierce challenge from heavyweight Iris Kyle and lightweight class winner Juliette Bergmann. Murray came out of retirement last year to win her seventh Olympia crown, setting a new record. After the show this year, Murray hinted that she may have competed in her final contest.

Winning the first-ever Figure Olympia contest was Davana Medina, who quarter-turned into the judges’s hearts in the inaugural show. Close behind her was runner-up Monica Brant, a former Fitness Olympia champ, who lost to the lovely Medina by only two points.

Taking top honors in the Fitness Olympia was the unbeatable Susie Curry, who won for the fourth consecutive time. Curry had previously announced that she would be retiring from fitness competition after the contest. Hot on her heels was feisty Kelly Ryan, who finished runner-up to the Fitness Olympia for the second time in her career.

Below are complete results from the three women’s Olympia contests, followed by links to galleries for all the shows. Enjoy!

Las Vegas, Nevada; Friday, October 24, 2003
Lightweight Class
1) Juliette Bergmann (Holland)*
2) Dayana Cadeau (Canada)*
3) Denise Masino (USA)*
4) Cathy Priest (Canada)
5) Angela Debatin (Brazil)
6) Fanny Barrios (Venezuela)
7) Kim Harris (USA)
8) Rosemary Jennings (USA)
Heavyweight Class
1) Lenda Murray (USA)*
2) Iris Kyle (USA)*
3) Yaxeni Oriquen (Venezuela)*
4) Betty Viana (Venezuela)
5) Helle Nielsen (Denmark)
6) Betty Pariso (USA)
7) Vickie Gates (USA
* Qualifies for 2004 Ms. Olympia contest.

Ms. Olympia Finals
Ms. Olympia Finals Photo Gallery

Las Vegas, Nevada; Friday, October 24, 2003
2) Kelly Ryan (USA)*
3) Adela Friedmansky (USA)*
4) Tracey Greenwood (USA)*
5) Jennifer Hendershott (USA)*
6) Anna Level (USA)
7) Klaudia Kinska (Slovakia)
8) Stacy Hylton (USA)
9) Julie Palmer (USA)
10) Jenny Worth (USA)*
11) Kimberly Klein (USA)
12) Stacy Simons (USA)
13) Shannon Meteraud (USA)
14) Kary Odiatu (Canada)
*Qualifies for 2004 Fitness Olympia contest.

Fitness Olympia Finals
Fitness Olympia Finals Photo Gallery

Las Vegas, Nevada; Friday, October 24, 2003
2) Monica Brant (USA)*
3) Jenny Lynn (USA)*
4) Mari Kudla (USA)*
5) Dina Al-Sabah (Kuwait)*
6) Jaime Franklin (USA)
7) D.J. Wallis (USA)
8) Aleksandra Kobielak (Poland)
9) Sharon Kouvara (USA)
10) Hannah Park (USA)
11) Elaine Goodlad (Canada)
12) Theil Bradford (USA)
*Qualifies for 2004 Figure Olympia contest.

Figure Olympia Finals
Figure Olympia Finals Photo Gallery

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