Masters Mens, Fitness and Masters Figure Prejudging Report and Photos

by Allan Donnelly

September 12, 2008


In what should be a preview of things to come at the top of the order in the open show tomorrow, Toney Freeman and Darrem Charles first butted heads in the Master’s prejudging tonight in the Trump Marina Hotel at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro.

Both the 42-year-old Freeman and the 40-year-old Charles are competing in the Master’s division for the first time. Freeman, coming off consecutive wins last month at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships and the Europa Super Show, is looking to continue his recent string of successes. For Charles, the Atlantic City show is his fourth of the 2008 season. He was disappointing at the Houston Pro in early July and at the Tampa and Europa in August, but seems to have regained the form that saw him become one of the IFBB’s most consistent competitors from 1992 to 2007.

In this matchup, Freeman – who condition-wise is slightly better than he was in Tampa, but slightly worse than he was in Dallas – has the edge in size and shape, while Charles, displaying his trademark zippered quads and triceps, has the slight edge in conditioning. In the end though, the gap in conditioning is likely not enough to make up for Freeman’s advantages.

Joel Stubbs appears to have a solid grip on the No. 3 slot, with Pavol Jablonicky and Marcos Chacon battling for fourth and fifth.


Tracey Greenwood, going for her third win of the 2008 season and the eighth of her career, is once again leading the charge. However, she will first have to get past Canada’s Mindi O’Brien, who will give the hometown favorite Greenwood all she can handle here. Bethany Wagner appears to have the inside track for the third spot and an Olympia qualification.


Tivisay Briceno, who narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Figure Olympia at the Europa Super Show, appears to be the in the lead after prejudging. She will be pushed by Juliana Malacarne and Melissa Frabbiele.

Andy Haman
Anthony Finocchiaro
Bill Scarnaty
Charles Urrego
Darrem Charles
Fedel Clarke
Gilles Bellehumeur
Igor Leontieff
Joel Stubbs
Johnny Stewart
Ken Jones
Lee Apperson
Marc Lavoie
Marcel Chayard
Marcos Chacon
Massimo Valli
Mike Horn
Milton Holloway
Omar Borrelli
Paul LaSalsa
Pavol Jablonicky
Rodney Davis
Roland Huff
Rusty Jeffers
Steven Burke
Toney Freeman
Viggo Snowhill
Vince Taylor
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Cea Anna Kerr
Christine Wan
Irina Veselova
Jeanette Kolonias
Juliana Malacarne
Kate Shelby
Lydia Haskell
Melissa Frabbiele
Rosalind Vanterpool
Stephanie Tulin-Togrul
Cea Susanne Bock
Thais Cabrices-Werner
Tivisay Briceno
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Bethany Wagner
Brenda Santiago
Donna Jones
Jennifer Cassetty
Laticia Jackson
Leslie Rae Newton
Mandy Polk
Marnie Holley
Michele Mayberry
Mindi O’Brien
Myriam Capes
Shannon Dey
Stacy Simons
Stacy Wig
Tracey Greenwood
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