Men’s bodybuilding contest galleries

September 1, 2009


On August 28-29, amateur bodybuilders battled for the right to turn pro and you can check out all the action with our exclusive contest galleries from the 2009 GNC IFBB North American Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships, from the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Men’s Open BW
Men’s Open HW
Men’s Open LHW
Men’s Open LW
Men’s Open MW
Men’s Open Overall
Men’s Open SHW
Men’s Open WW
Masters Men Over 40 HW
Masters Men Over 40 LHW
Masters Men Over 40 LW
Masters Men Over 40 MW
Masters Men Over 40 Overall
Masters Men Over 40 SHW
Masters Men Over 40 WW
Masters Men Over 50 LHW
Masters Men Over 50 LW
Masters Men Over 50 MW
Masters Men Over 50 Overall
Masters Men Over 50 SHW

Bikini Class A
Bikini Class B
Bikini Class C
Bikini Class D
Bikini Class Overall
Masters Bikini Class A
Masters Bikini Class B
Masters Bikini Class Overall

Figure Class A
Figure Class B
Figure Class C
Figure Class D
Figure Class E
Figure Class F
Figure Class Overall
Masters Figure Class A
Masters Figure Class B
Masters Figure Class C
Masters Figure Class D
Masters Figure Class Overall

Fitness Swimsuits

Women HW
Women LHW
Women LW
Women MW
Women Overall
Masters Women Over 35 HW
Masters Women Over 35 LW
Masters Women Over 35 Overall