Pittsburgh Pro Prejudging Report and Galleries

May 2, 2009


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The decision to drop down to the 202-pound class could pay dividends for Mark Dugdale. After the morning prejudging, Dugdale appears to be in the driver’s seat for his first professional win in the Under 202 class at the 2009 Pittsburgh Pro.

But first Dugdale will have to get past the surprising Eduardo Correa Da Silva. The Brazilian, competing in his first IFBB Professional League contest, turned out to be the surprise of the prejudging.

Ahmad Ahmad appears to have the inside track to finish third and lock up the final qualification to the 202 Showdown on Olympia Weekend.

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MENS 202
Ahmad Ahmad
Eduardo Correa Da Silva
George Farah
Greg Rando
Jason Arntz
Mark Dugdale
Mauricio Solis-Torres
Mike Valentino
Nathan Wonsley
Richard Jones
Steven Burke
Vinny Galanti
202 Comparison Gallery One
202 Comparison Gallery Two