Andrey Malanichev has set a new world record with an unequipped squat of 1,036 pounds! This isn't the first time that this powerhouse has wowed us. Just last year, he crushed an existing squat world record with a 1,014 pound lift.

Not one to settle, Malanichev upped the ante this past weekend at the Boss of Bosses II event in Mountain View, held and hosted by Boss Barbell Club and Dame Group, a part of the United States Powerlifting Association. It was there were he demolished the current world record for the highest unequipped squat —hoisting a hurculean 1,036 pounds.

Along with breaking the record for the heaviest squat, Malanichev also leads the pack for the entire powerlifting raw category (squat, bench press, and deadlift), making him the leading powerlifter in the Men’s Raw World Records.

Check out his incredible lift: