Roelly Winklaar, a BSN and Weider/AMI athlete, has been quickly rising among the bodybuilding ranks. Roelly made a particularly loud splash with his role in Generation Iron and his very impressive showing at the 2013 Mr. Olympia, where he placed 7th in an incredibly competitive lineup.  There was building anticipation to see Winklaar on the 2014 Arnold Classic stage, but as the day drew near, Roelly was in an unfortunate motorcyle accident and was left with no choice but to pull out of his upcoming competition(s). Roelly Winklaar's nickname "The Beast" fits him well, however, as this warrior is fighting and training like a beast to come back to the competitive bodybuilding stage, bigger and better than ever! Follow along on his journey as BSN presents: Roelly Winklaar's Road to Recovery!

Roelly Winklaar is Out of the Arnold Classic

The Official Announcement



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Exclusive Photos of His Injuries

The Aftermath




Roelly gym
A Day with the Beast

Roelly is Back in the Gym and Answering Your Questions



Roelly Winklaar legs

Roelly Trains Legs

Roelly trains legs in preparation to get back on stage at the 2014 Chicago Pro



Roelly training back
Roelly Trains Back

Roelly trains back in preparation for the 2014 Chicago Pro



Roelly Leg Workout
Killer Leg Workout

Roelly trains legs with no rest between sets