Andrew Jones, 26, is a professional fitness model and bodybuilder who makes it virtually impossible for anyone to come up with an excuse for missing a workout.

Jones hits the gym religiously, despite the fact that he lives with an artificial heart. But if it weren’t for his batteries and computer, you’d have no idea that he’s different from any other lifter.

In 2012, Jones was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition that makes it difficult for the heart to supply the body with blood and can lead to heart failure. He was in intensive care for four months and was implanted with an LVAD (left ventricular assist device), which is considered an artificial heart. He’ll need his LVAD until he finds a matching heart for a transplant.

He always has to have batteries charging, plugging himself into the wall the same way he charges his phone at night. However, that doesn’t stop him from hitting the gym hard and improving himself.

Jones technically doesn’t have a pulse, and he lightheartedly claims that he’s the “best-looking zombie you’ll ever see.” His attitude is incredibly positive, and he is anything but held back by his artificial heart. He continues to do what he loves, and he won’t stop any time soon.

The model feels that scars, which he thinks are beautiful, act as storytellers and are something to be proud of. He’s also the founder of Hearts At Large, which raises awareness about the need for organ donors.

Check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, which are full of fitness motivation and progress pics.