FLEX Pro Pound-4-Pound Challenge!

January 13, 2011


The Pound-4-Pound Challenge that debuted at the 2010 Olympia is back and this time it’s personal.

IFBB Pro Derik Farnsworth left Vegas with the title last September, but that didn’t mean much to his critics. After being crowned Pound-4-Pound Champion, Farnsworth was flooded with emails, forum posts, and YouTube videos all telling Farnsworth he could be beat.

Now Farnsworth is putting his money up from grabs and the critics can come out to the FLEX Pro on February 19 to get it! Here is what Farnsworth had to say when he suggested this contest to FLEX: “A lot of people had something to say, but no stepped up to beat me. Now I’m putting $3,000 of my own money up – if you think you can beat me, then come out and prove it!”

Anyone who has competed in an NPC or IFBB contest in 2010 is eligible to challenge Farnsworth in the squat and deadlift. These are commonly known as the two true measures of strength and according to Farnsworth, “No one can beat me in these two.”

If you can beat Farnsworth, then you get $1,500.00 of his money. If he beats you, FLEX is going to pony up and pay him the cash. And that’s $1,500 per lift. At the prejudging of the FLEX Pro, you can go up against Farnsworth in the SQUAT. Two-times your bodyweight – most reps wins. Then at the finals (on-stage!), the DEADLIFT will be the challenge of the night. Once again, two times your bodyweight and the most reps win.

You can enter in one lift or both…either way, you have nothing to lose.

Farnsworth on the other hand, can lose a lot. “I have everything to lose…my pride and my money.” But not his title as the Pound-4-Pound Champion; to get that you have to come to the 2011 Olympia and take on Derek in all the lifts. “If you beat me in the squat and deadlift, then come to the Olympia for the title.” HERE ARE THE RULES AND HOW TO ENTER:


Competitors will weigh in on site. Weights will be rounded to the nearest zero.
• 173 pounds = 170 pounds
• 227 pounds = 230 pounds

Competitors will have ONE opportunity to perform each lift:
• Squat — 2x BW
• Deadlift — 2x BW

— Only FULL reps will be counted (which will be determined by an on-site judge)
— Belt, wraps and straps are all permitted, but no squat suits or deadlifting suits!


All IFBB Pro League athletes and NPC athletes who have competed on ANY level in 2009 or 2010.


Send an e-mail to pound4pound@flexmagazine.com that contains the following information:
Date of Birth
IFBB or NPC SHOWS YOU COMPETED IN 2010 (we must be able to verify this)

ENTER NOW! The deadline is February 5!

TICKETS ARE ON SALE for the FLEX Pro! Go here to buy your tickets now!

WHAT: 2011 FLEX Pro Bodybuilding Championships presented by Body Fortress
WHEN: February 19, 2011
WHERE: Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica CA
TIMES: Prejudging at noon, Finals at 7 pm (All time PST)