Fitness International rookie looks to continue her climb up the ranks

February 21, 2008


Days out from her debut in the Ms. Fitness International, Julie Lohre shares how she’s prepared for her first trip to the Arnold Classic. Lohre, who placed 8th in her first appearance at the Fitness Olympia in 2007, has a significant advantage over most of the field: she lives within driving distance of Columbus, Ohio, and doesn’t have to worry about lost luggage or missed flights. Lohre will be unveiling a new routine this Friday, and is considered by many to be part of the new crop of top fitness pros in the IFBB.

FLEXONLINE: How has your Arnold prep been going?
JULIE LOHRE: My prep for the Arnold is going very well and I am really excited to be closing out a long, hard 10 weeks. I have worked harder than ever for this show and really feel that it shows in my physique. 2007 was a pivotal year for me and through my experiences and training last year, I have come into my own in terms of what I want to look like and how I want to present myself. I know where I have been in the past in terms of my conditioning and presentation because I have been keeping careful records throughout my pro career. After much analysis and contemplation, I know what direction I want to go in now too. While what the judges think is very important to me, what you will see from me at the International is what I feel fitness should be all about. It is liberating to work so hard and to know at the end of the show that I will have accomplished what I set out to do AND have no regrets about how I got there.

FLEX: Did you do anything different for this contest after successful outings at the Olympia and in West Palm Beach?
JULIE: This season has been different for me as I used some of that down time to focus on building my back and hamstrings as well add in some out-of-the-weight room training with a fantastic 300 Workout. That is a super-high intensity full-body outdoor workout that builds functional strength and cardiovascular endurance. That helped a lot making the improvements I really wanted. For my fat loss phase, I have increased my cardio and added in a lot of spinning first thing in the morning. I will be bringing the most solid, feminine physique possible to the Arnold and can’t wait to show how much I have improved.

FLEX: What’s the biggest challenge while getting ready for a show?
JULIE: Finding time for everything! Fitness is a big part of my life, but it is not my whole life. I am a wife, mother, and business woman running my own company. I train women around the world and many of them are preparing for shows in the next month.

FLEX: I hear you’ve ditched the football routine, any insight on what we’ll see from you on stage?
JULIE: As much as I love that routine, I have unfortunately ran out of footballs : ) But seriously, I have gone in a little different direction this time with a routine that I feel shows even more of my personality and my strengths. This routine is really, really physically demanding and I look forward to laying it all out there. I tell my son all the time that I like challenges and this one will prove that! The routines are my favorite part of fitness so you can count on me bringing everything I have to the stage. The theme itself is top secret, but I promise it will be one you do not forget.

FLEX: Do you enjoy lifting heavy or do you train lighter and higher reps?
JULIE: I like to lift heavy, but have to watch adding to much size in my shoulders and arms. So, I vary my training depending on the body part. For back and abs which I have worked very hard to build size in, I go with heavier weights and lower reps. For legs and arms, where I want to maintain size, I tend to go higher rep with lower weights.

FLEX: Who motivates you?
JULIE: My motivation comes from within – I love the challenge and the process of getting ready for a show, I really enjoy being on stage and the whole experience of the show itself. The best part for me is sharing what I have learned with other women and seeing them make incredible changes in their bodies and their lives.

FLEX: What are your goals for the 2008 season?
JULIE: I would love to win a fitness show and continue placing well at each show I do. I feel blessed to have the opportunity this year to compete in the 2 biggest shows in our sport (Arnold & the Olympia). I have a solid vision of what I want to bring to the stage and I hope to continue bringing Fitness in a healthy, natural and feminine direction.

FLEX: Do you feel like you can surpass Jen Hendershott and Kim Klien, the two favorites in the Fitness International?

JULIE: Kim and Jen are amazing competitors – whom I have looked up to since I began competing five years ago. It is an honor to be on stage with them! However, I do not plan to make it easy on them to win this show and have a feeling I just might surprise some people this year.

FLEX: Will we see you compete in Figure again?
JULIE: I supposed I should never say never, but I don’t for see that happening anytime soon.

FLEX: Any one you’d like to thank?
JULIE: I absolutely could not do this without the support of my husband, Rick Lohre. He is my best friend and voice of reason. Thanks babe! I also want to thank my son, family, friends and clients. They have been incredible and drive me to do better everyday.

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