Three damaged ribs – two broken and one dislocated- were not enough to stop six-foot-eight-inch, four-hundred-pound Robert Oberst from winning his pro card. In 2012, after barely a year of preparation, the bearded “mountain man” competed in the Europa American Strongman contest. During the car lift event, he damaged his ribs. He had four events to go. In severe pain and with duct tape wrapped around his torso to prevent further injury, he continued, ultimately winning his pro card and breaking the US log press record. Today, Robert signed with GAT, one of the fastest-growing sports nutrition brands in North America.

“Robert is a monster — super-strong, an ultra-competitive athlete and a truly likeable guy. I couldn’t be more pleased to have him represent GAT. We’re excited to watch him shatter more strength barriers as he supplements his rigorous training regime with our products like NITRAFLEX® and SUPERTEIN®.”   – Charles Moser, GAT CEO & President

“The first thing that impressed me about GAT was that they are endorsed by new, big athletes — like Kevin Jordan, for instance. The fact that GAT is now getting into strength athletics is huge for our sport. To team up with this company is such an awesome thing.”   – Robert Oberst

Robert Oberst was born in Watsonville, California. Competition started from day one. With ten siblings, he says, “It was always competitive. If you had something to say, you needed to say it with some fire or you wouldn’t be heard.” 

Robert’s fiery competitive spirit – “beard power” as he calls it — is one of the things that sets him apart from other strength athletes. Lifting is the only sport many strongmen have ever known, he explains. In contrast, Robert has played a variety of competitive sports, including football and basketball. He relates, “Everything I have ever done was a competition. I played professional football. Having been successful in other sports, I don’t accept defeat well. I’d be competitive if we were playing checkers right now. My competitive background differentiates me from others in the sport. Beard power!”

Robert Oberst’s next competition will be the 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic. He will appear in GAT national advertising campaigns beginning this spring. 


GAT designs, studies and produces physique and performance enhancing dietary supplements for athletes and workout enthusiasts of all kinds. Its product portfolio includes clinically studied NITRAFLEX® and ADENOFLEX®, along with MUSCLE MARTINI®, SUPERTEIN®, TESTROL®, JETFUEL® weight-loss products, and many more. GAT products are available in over 50 countries and an estimated 10,000 brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

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Anthony Presciano, Vice-President