Jen Hendershott is Olympia bound once again

By Isaac Hinds

July 17, 2008


After months of deliberation, Jen Hendershott has decided to return to the Olympia stage for another go-round. Despite being one of the top Fitness pros in the business, there was some doubt whether fans would see Hendershott compete at the 2008 Olympia. Hendershott, the 2005 Fitness Olympia winner, is coming off back-to-back third-place finishes on the sport’s biggest stage.

One of the sport’s most engaging personalities, Hendershott contemplated sitting out this year’s O for a number of reasons. Jen has a very busy career off the stage, running her popular Phat Camps as well as giving motivational talks around the world. In her personal life, a few people near and dear to her heart have been battling with health issues, which caused her to rethink her commitment to this year’s event. In the end, however, the lure of the stage was too much for Hendershott to resist.

“I have decided to do my 9th Olympia!,” Hendershott recently announced. “I swore I would sit it out but the moreI thought about it I realized I could not sit there and watch my friends on stage knowing I should be up there.I have put a tremendous amount of thought into this and I simply am competing because I can. I am young, happy, and most importantly healthy. I know there are lots of fans counting on me and I don’t want to let them down.”

“So here we go again. I am very excited and looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunity in competing in another Olympia in Las Vegas and doing another entertaining routine. Hope to see all my fans there and thanks to all of you that gave me great advice in helping me make my final decision.”

Staying true to form, Hendershott wouldn’t divulge any information regarding her fitness routine. But we’d lay good odds on it being entertaining.