A sensei is a Japanese word that is literally translated as “person born before another.” Sensei is also used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill. Although their clients certainly do not call Kris Gethin or Neil Hill sensei, they certainly have mastered the art of transforming their clients into amazing shape.


Both Kris and Neil are two of the most highly respected and sought-after experts in the field of nutrition and training in the world of fitness and have transformed the physiques of their clients with amazing results. In the fitness industry, arming yourself with the best information available is a necessity; this leads to amazing transformations in less time and with even better results than doing it through trial and error.


FLEX magazine had the chance to sit down and interview two of the fitness industry’s best—world-renowned trainers Kris Gethin and Neil Hill, and if you want to read the entire article, buy the latest Flex Magazine in a store near you or order it online for your Apple or Andorid device:

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