Kai Greene paid a visit the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym for a workout and an exclusive interview with FLEX

November 10, 2010

By Sean Andros


The Olympia is now over 6 weeks old, but Kai’s seventh place finish is still fresh on his mind. After a few weeks of solitude and self-reflection, Kai showed up fully prepared to discuss what went wrong, the lessons learned, and what he will do to get back on top.

The discussion lasted over two hours as Kai plodded away on a stairmaster while speaking, reflecting, and philosophizing. For an offseason bodybuilder to do that much cardio, you know the discussion was intense. Kai was candid, honest, and blunt in a way that is rarely seen from a champion athlete.

Check out the February 2011 issue of FLEX for the full interview and an inside look at how this exceptional athlete has faced disappointment and grown from the lessons he discovered.

Here are few photos of Kai as he trained after the interview.

Arnold Retrospective PDF
Arnold Retrospective PDF