Mark Wahlberg has added a new dimension to his already illustrious career. The actor/producer has teamed up with Tom Dowd to start a new supplement company, Performance Inspired Nutrition, that promises to provide high-performance workout supplementation to athletes from all walks of life. “We want to give people the best that there is, and give them the best chance to succeed. The only way to do it right was to do it naturally," Wahlberg said.

For Wahlberg, who is the cover subject of the May issue of Men's Fitness magazine, the main focus and one of the biggest driving factors behind the creation of the company was to give back to the community by creating an all-natural ingredient supplement.

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"I was willing to take protein products without knowing exactly what all the ingredients were. And they weren't natural, and that was just to get the 20 grams of protein. And now what we have is all natural, tastes great and has more than 20 grams of protein," says Wahlberg. For instance, Performance Inspired Nutrition's thermogenic protein bar packs a whopping 25g of protein.  "For me, I like to push the workouts and kind of change it up and test myself. I always want to be able to lift a little bit more, do a little more reps. It really all comes down to eating right."

Did you know that Mark Wahlberg created his own pre-workout supplement? Check it out!