January 26, 2008

No, not Hilton, responsible for more one night stands than the hotel chain that bears her name. The Paris we’re referring to predates the gossip column habitue by a generation and has all but dropped out of sight in recent years.

The legendary Bob Paris is back in an exclusive interview, featured in the February issue of FLEX. In our in-depth interview with the man we voted the “Most Aesthetic Bodybuilder in History,” Paris talks about his career in the IFBB and updates us with his doings since his last competition, in 1992.

He also discusses the things that inspire him and why he no longer feels a connection to the sport that brought him fame. You’re sure to find, as did we, that Bob Paris is, and always has been, much more than his muscles, which is saying a lot.

Be sure to check out the February Œ08 issue of FLEX featuring the story

“We’ll Always Have Paris,” on newsstands now.