Hidetada Yamagishi is on his way back to Japan

by Allan Donnelly

February 14, 2008


Flexonline has learned that, as of this morning, February 14, Hidetada Yamagishi was released from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles California and is on his way back to Japan.

On December 8, 2007, Yamagishi was arrested upon arriving at Los Angeles International airport and charged with nine counts of possession of controlled substances, including six felonies and three misdemeanors. On February 6, Yamagishi appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. At that hearing, all but one of the counts were dismissed, and Yamagishi was charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of Viagra without a prescription.

Yamagishi was then transported to the Federal Correctional Institute in San Pedro, California. Shortly thereafter, he was transported to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. As a result of the misdemeanor conviction, Yamagishi?s 01 visa ? given to people with extraordinary talents and abilities ? was revoked.

At the Metropolitan Detention Center, Yamagishi was faced with two options: fight the revocation of his 01 visa or return to Japan on his own free will. Yamagishi chose the latter. Now, Yamagishi must choose whether he wants to fight the revocation of his visa from Japan or apply for re-entry to the United States. IF he chooses to contest the revocation and loses, Yamagishi faces a five-year ban where he will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to enter the United States. However, if Yamagishi elects to apply for a re-entry visa and is approved, it is likely that he would be allowed back in the country within the next few months.