Eat this: Angle Foods Gold Series Chicken & Vegetables

Why: When it comes to getting as ripped as possible you know that the best way to get there while main­ taining the most muscle is to cut carbs. But while bodybuilding may be our lifestyle, real life in the form of work or school often gets in the way. Angle Foods (, created
by Kurt Angle, has numerous frozen meals that you can stock away in the freezer and pull out whenever you’re hungry. Similar meals from Healthy Choice have more than 25g of carbs and only 15g of protein. But the
Angle Foods Gold Series Chicken & Vegetables has only 7g of carbs and provides 20g of quality protein. We suggest you use this frozen entrée as a between­meal snack to stay anabolic while keeping body fat off. Or if you use it as a regular meal, such as lunch or dinner, have it with a protein shake or heat two to bump the protein up to 40g while still keeping carbs low at only 14g.