It’s a common problem for dieting bodybuilders that derails weeks of progress: binge eating. All too often, you are doing well sticking to your diet, then you get stressed out over work or your relationship, and before you know it you are scarfing down a whole pizza.

Science may now know why stress causes you to binge.

Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas) placed mice in a cage with more dominant males that “bullied” them. When the mice were exposed to this stressful situation, they had higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone that increases hunger. This caused the mice to preferentially eat more fatty food.

What does this mean for you?

When you’re under stress and feel the urge to binge on your favorite fatty food, make a whey protein shake with Growth Factor 9 instead. Both whey and eggs have been shown to lower ghrelin levels and decrease hunger and food intake.

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