Were into week seven now and I’m finally feelin it.  I started out the diet on 120g of carbs a day which isn’t horrible but is pretty low for me when I was sitting at 300lbs and used to eating five times that.  From 120g we dropped to 70g, which was shitty but for some reason I was dealing with it.

Now I am back around 120g but holy f*&^ I am starving! Lol Each meal is going down faster than I can cook it.  I’ve resorted to all my old diet habits like, my organizational OCD.  I can’t stop cleaning and organizing different files for some reason.  Another one is shopping.  It doesn’t matter if I’m spending money on me, my girl, or the dog, I just have to find a way to get out and look for shit to buy.  For some reason its something that happens to me when I diet but I’ve grown to expect it and actually embrace it lol.

Seriously though, things are awesome right now.  I’m sitting around 270-72lbs and the skin is starting to thin already but somehow even with the low carbs my muscle still feels relatively full.

Cardio has gone up to two a days since after Christmas and since I have a Stairmaster at home it makes it pretty easy to get in a nice long session just before my last meal.  Right now I’m doing empty stomach in the morning, training midday and cardio again before my last meal.  The last meal is just protein so needless to say I am burning through the night and waking up leaner every morning.

Training is good, I have decreased the weights a little but trying to keep it as heavy as I can.  For example, in the offseason I would bench 405lbs with ease now I don’t really bother with it since I don’t want to just end up with 4-5 reps.   Regardless of the weight though I am killin it every day in the gym and each workout is more intense than the last.  There is no way I’m letting the low carb diet work me into the ground, mind over matter baby!

Not sure how many of you know what a playoff beard is.  I’m pretty sure its common knowledge but for those of you who don’t; a playoff beard is something that hockey players started doing when the playoffs started for them.  They wouldn’t shave the beard until they were eliminated or until they won the championship (Stanley Cup).  I’ve decided in the tradition of my Canadian heritage I am also going to start my own playoff beard lol. 

The pic you guys are looking at is after about four days growth and it looks pretty thick….shit by the time I get to the FLEX Pro I might look like Osama.  Just think, when I win the FLEX I’m going to have to keep it going forward into the Arnold since that’s the big show! 

Who knows, its itchy as shit right now and my girl hates it, I’m gonna try and hold out but at the end of the day she’s the boss.  I know I’m supposed to be wearing the pants but what’s the point if she won’t go near them..lol


Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad