Protein. Every bodybuilder cherishes protein. We cherish it so much that we drink it. We drink a lot of it in the form of protein shakes. But what if I told you that you could add another vital nutrient to your shake that would make the shake healthier for you, make your protein work better for you, up-level your performance, and allow you to think with more clarity and focus? Now here's the kicker: what if I told you that that nutrient was fat? Don't go crazy on me. I know, despite the idea that there's a carb phobia, most of you are still also afraid of fat. Well, here are 7 simple reasons why you should consider adding some healthy fat to your next protein shake: 

1. Energy

Everyone believes that carbohydrates lead you to feel more energetic. The problem is that they don't. Carbohydrates (and protein to a lesser extent) lead to a release of insulin in your body. When your blood sugar goes up from eating carbohydrates, insulin is released to carry blood sugar to its destination. This causes a rapid decline in blood sugar, leading to an energy crash. On the other hand, fats do not cause a release of insulin and they can actually slow down your insulin response to carbs and protein, allowing you to remain energetic. In addition to that, medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids that are found in coconut oil and MCT oil, absorb rapidly into the blood stream. This will give you a ready and lasting supply of energy for your day or your workouts without causing any crash. Make the mixing a little easier by using oil powders. These are your best bet because they use fiber as a substrate instead of maltodextrin.

2. Hormones

Many people don't realize this, but many of our hormones are made up of saturated fats. Most important to those of us who want to build muscle is the hormone testosterone. Consuming saturated fats, like grass fed butter, can actually help to raise your testosterone levels and keep you in hormonal balance. Blend a little butter into that shake. You know you want to. 

3. Make Your Supplements Work Better

Another reason to put a little fat in your protein shake is because it will help you to absorb your micronutrients more efficiently. Many vitamins are fat soluble, including vitamin D. Supercharge your protein shake by adding a nutrient dense supplement like ImSoAlpha Superfood to the shake and add some MCT, coconut oil, or butter, for optimal nutrient absorption.  

4. Gut Health

One really cool thing about grass fed butter is that it contains an acid called butyrate. Butyrate has healing properties that allow it to heal the inner lining of your intestines. This will aid in better absorption of nutrients and it will reduce gut inflammation.

5. Fat Burning

Consuming fats like medium chain triglycerides from MCT oil and coconut oil provides a readily available source of energy from fat to the body. With this energy supply, the body begins to burn fat more readily. Fat can actually burn fat!

6: Mental Performance

Another great factor that adding fats to your protein shake will bring is a higher level of mental performance. MCTs bypass the liver and go directly to your bloodstream. This ready supply of energy from fat stimulates the release of ketones from the liver, which stimulate your brain. Try adding some MCT oil to your shake or your morning coffee. You will feel sharper and think clearer. Its also great for that pre workout shake to keep you in a higher state of focus during your workout.

7. Liver Health

A fatty liver can lead to many health problems, including diabetes. But consuming fat can actually get your liver to release fat, preventing fatty liver syndrome. Again, this is a big win for fat and for you and your health.


There you have it. Adding fat to your diet will help you look better, feel better, think more clearly and be healthier. Try it out, and don't be afraid of fat!

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Mike Rashid is a 2-time National Golden Glove winning Boxer. He’s a Power Bodybuilder, CEO and Founder of ImsoAlpha, CoOwner of Metroflex, LBC, and Original Addicts Gyms, and author of the “Overtraining” series of eBooks. For more of Mike’s tips visit