IFBB Pros Lee Banks & Mike Liberatore Train Chest and Trade Secrets!


July 2, 2011


In the July 2011 issue of FLEX, the focus is how to build a bigger and better chest. Our 44 page chest blow-out kicks off with "Target Training: Chest." FLEX Senior Science Editor Dr. Jim Stoppani provides the strategies to attack your pec weaknesses and build a perfectly proportioned chest. The article features IFBB Pros Lee Banks and Mike Liberatore demonstrating the exercises. What you don't see is what happened when this photo shoot was over...

Banks and Liberatore stuck around the gym for a full-out chest workout (after a long day of squeezing, pressing, and flexing for the cameras). To make this workout interesting, Banks and Liberatore took turns leading the workout and selecting the exercises. For each exercise selected, the man in charge had to share his tips, tricks, and unique techniques.

FLEXonline caught the whole workout on camera and you can see each exercise by clicking the links below. This is LIFT & LEARN!

CLICK HERE FOR PART 1: Lee Banks shows Mike Liberatore the close grip incline bench press!

CLICK HERE FOR PART 2: Mike Liberatore shows Lee Banks the single arm Hammer Strength incline press!

CLICK HERE FOR PART 3: Lee Banks shows Mike Liberatore the dumbbell press.

CLICK HERE FOR PART 4: Part 4: Mike Liberatore shows Lee Banks the incline smith machine press!