Fouad Abiad: Giving Back to the Local Bodybuilding Community

Fouad takes a road trip to a local contest.


This past weekend was the first local competition of the year, the Stratford Championships. In Canada that’s a level 1 show (local/regional) and a provincial qualifier (equivalent to Jr.Nats). I like to go to all the local shows in the area, Stratford’s only a couple hours from where I live so I packed some meals, gassed up the Stang and hit the road!

The weekend couldn’t have gone better. The show was a huge success and usually is since it’s the first one of the year. Allmax Nutrition pretty much gave me my own booth, so instead of walking around like I normally do, I set up shop. I put out some of my T-Shirts, DVD’s and pics and just chilled out.

I couldn’t believe the response from fans! I haven’t been to a local event since the FLEX Pro and it was unbelievable the support and response I got from so many local bodybuilders. My favorite part of bodybuilding is honestly just talking to real fans that deal with the same things I do. I always say it doesn’t matter if you’re a level 1 or if you’re a pro, at the end of the day if you’re starving, you’re starving. A lot of people came and bought shirts and to you all I appreciate the support greatly. It was kinda cool, by the end of the night there was an auditorium filled with people and every few minutes I would see someone walk by in an ABIAD’S ARMY shirt, very cool.

Even better than people buying stuff was the constant question of whether or not I was competing at the Toronto Super Show. It is something I have considered but I think after reading Garry Bartlett’s article in a Canadian magazine, I have decided I might sit this one out. Apparently going to all the local shows in the area to show my support and promoting my own show is not ‘giving back’ enough for him. He felt the need to express that myself along with another IFBB Pro from Canada aren’t doing enough. I don’t speak for anyone else, but I will say for myself that between social media, local shows, training athletes from Ontario and now promoting my own show, Garry should know WTF he’s talking about before spouting off.

I can’t let him get to me though, on with the weekend. One of the best parts of the evening was watching big Cedric McMillan tear up the stage and put on a great show for the crowd. Ced’s a great guy and very down to earth, he’s getting ready for a big year and looking awesome. I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish him luck (he doesn’t need it) and let him know I am excited to stand with him on the Olympia stage!

On the training front it has been a slow week. Most of you have been through some type of extreme weather in the last few days and we’re no different up here in Canada. It was 70 degrees last week and this week it’s been snowing…so I got sick. I was able to train Mon, Tues and then I got sick. I don’t believe in training when you’re sick, it’s not hardcore it’s counter-productive. So I’m just chillin working on clients programs and staying busy with promoting my show.

Sacrifice Without Regret,
Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad