FOUAD ABIAD: Reflecting and Getting Re-focused

Six days out from the Arnold!


I’m six days out from the Arnold Classic and I have been trying to put in perspective what just happened at the FLEX Pro, while still focusing on my daily activities to get ready for the biggest show of my life. My plain landed at 2am on Monday night (or Tuesday morning to be technical) in Detroit. My girlfriend and I hopped in my Jeep and headed home to Windsor, I think that 30min drive is where the past weekends events really set in. I said to myself, “I just beat a top five Olympian,” I was saying it to myself like I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not.

I really busted ass this year trying to make adjustments and in that drive home I was able to replay all the gut wrenching leg workouts and the back workouts that left me crippled. I remembered days doing back and hamstrings together and thinking I am absolutely nuts this has to be overtraining but I kept going anyway.

I would be in the gym for and hour and half and I hate to admit it sometimes two hours! I know that’s a big no-no, but I have two training partners and sometimes I don’t know when to stop, so time just passes. I remembered times when I didn’t feel like eating, but found a way to make the food taste good enough to get it down. I remembered all the money and five hour drives I made going to see my physiotherapist. Don’t get me wrong, there was good memories like sushi buffets that lasted two hours and made me sick…I don’t know is that a good memory?..lol

The point is, all of these things came rushing back to me in just that half an hour drive from the airport to home. I couldn’t help but feel an overall sense of accomplishment and feeling like I could do more. My mind is focused on the Arnold now; I am focused on bringing in a little tighter package and maybe a little more full than at the FLEX. I started training right away on Tuesday this past week: Cardio and everything as if I never even stopped. Doing two shows in a row isn’t easy, but I’ve become used to it so I know how to get myself back in the zone and ready to go again.

As I type this, my rebound from the FLEX is gone and I am sitting at 248lbs which is exactly where I need to be before carb loading, so I am a little early which is good. I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to sharpen it up a little more. Then its time to pack up the Jeep and head to Columbus, its about a three and a half hour drive and I’d rather go road trip than plane any day! I am getting really excited about the show, but I’m trying to keep myself calm. I have been going to this show since I started bodybuilding ten years ago and to finally step on that stage is going to be surreal.

Who knew a little 190lb beach body kid from Windsor, Ontario would eventually go on to turn pro and step on the Arnold Classic stage? I remember saying to a friend of mine one year at the show, “One day I’m going to compete on that stage.” He looked at me like I was crazy, but sometimes it takes a little crazy to achieve a dream. Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad www.fouadhossabiad.com