Fouad Abiad: Wearing More Than One Hat

Fouad is more than just a bodybuilder (but that still comes first!)


Well first I have to say that the week off was murder for me by the end. I thought at the start I was going to enjoy a nice break but by the end it was my body that was screaming to get back in the gym. I got back to it this Monday and man what a workout! I smashed back:

(not including warm ups)

1. Reverse Hammer Pull-downs – 3 X (new personal best) 4 plates & a 10 per side for 8 reps

2. Reverse Grip Barbell Rows – 3 X 405lbs for 10 reps

3. Supported T-Bar Row – 3 X 5plates for 10 reps

I know that’s not characteristic of what my workouts normally look like but I’ve decided that following this break I am going into somewhat of a Dorian Yates mode of training. I can’t fully do what he did because it just doesn’t give me what I need but a hybrid of my high volume with his style gave me that workout and it felt awesome! My back was sore for three days!

On the career front, things are really taking a turn for the good. I have decided to try my hand at promoting (with my training partner Paul Lauzon) and so far I love it! I am holding the Fouad Abiad Open in Windsor, Ontario in October and so far the response from people locally and surrounding areas is very positive. I am really going out of my way to make the amateur athletes that come to this show feel like pros. We are going the extra mile for fans as well. Evan Centopani, Erin Stern, and I will be holding a seminar and Evan and I will be guest posing Saturday night. For the women, Erin will be doing a short posing clinic Friday night before the show; this should help some of the girls competing perfect their posing before the next day (non competitors will also be allowed to attend this).

Anyway, as you can see I’m pretty excited about it and really it has taken all my time outside of eating and training. You never really realize how much work the promoters go through to really make these events happen for people and to really make them something special is even more intense. For more information on the show go to:


My other business (Platinum Nutrition) is also keeping me quite busy. I have a client carb loading now for a show this weekend and it’s always great being part of a newer bodybuilders goal of winning his first show. I also have some other clients dieting right now and it’s a full time job just making sure these guys are on point.

All in all, it has been a busy week or so and like they say ‘busy is good’! As some of you know I work with a mental coach to keep me always on the right track. This may sound silly to some of you, but I have to attribute some of the gains I made in 2010 to his (Alvin Brown) help. Keeping your mind right and focused is a major part of what we do. Back in December 2010, Alvin had me write out a letter to him as if it was January 2012, telling him what happened over the course of 2011. I didn’t really think it was important, I mean if I wanted to I could’ve written that I became a millionaire and also became Mr.O in the process. He told me to write it anyway. So I tried to go ahead and do it with some realism but also some ambition.

The craziest thing about writing the letter is all of the things that have happened this year, my success at the FLEX Pro, signing with Weider, my clients doing well, starting a new job (promoting), missing the mark at the ASC, all of these things were in the letter. I swear it was the strangest thing but it worked and I continue to do it now almost daily. I always have my long term and short term goals written out on a near nightly basis to make sure I am focused and I know where I am headed. For those of you getting ready for a show, my best advice is, live for today and do the best you can in everything you do in that day. That being said, never fail to plan or look ahead either. All of us have the power to control where we’re headed but like they say, “If YOU don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.”

Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad