I day out of Europa Supershow Dallas!


Again I had the leave the house real early to catch a 6.40am flight from Phoenix to Dallas. So I got up at 3am to do a short cardio session and prepare some of my meals for the trip. Since Dallas is 2 hours ahead I had to plan the food a little diffently. First meal was 5am =7am Dalllas time . from then I would eat every 2 1/2 hours to make sure I get enough carbs in my system ( about 40g per meal) throughout the day. My meals will be simply chicken and rice with no sodium at all. I left the house at 5.15am weighting 255lbs, I safely arrived Dallas around 11.10 local time, went straight to hotel and started to relax and marinate for tomorrows prejudging. I cut my water intake today from 2 gallons to only 32oz water throughout the day which means like just about a big sip with each meal. George will arrive tonight and take over the drying out progress. As of 10.30pm my weight is 253lbs. What I will present tomorrow is a big and ripped DJ with big improvements from last week in the condition department especially ham and glutes! I will probably have another late meal since prejudging is tomorrow night instead of the usual morning prejudgings. Overall I feel very good and confident and I'm ready to do battle and fight for another victory!!! DJ