I Over Indulged at Christmas!


Christmas this year happened to fall exactly 8 weeks out from my first show of the year, the 2011 FLEX Pro. I have a rather small family, so the holiday’s are important to me because I really value those times when we get together. Even one missing person is always noticed and missed. So despite being so close to my show, I felt it necessary to come home. I’m not going to lie; it was a tough first few days. Every bodybuilder I know is a creature of habit, throw off that habit or routine and he will feel out of sorts for a few days. I am no different. The great part of being home is that despite doing all the same things I do in California, the week just seemed to be more restful for me. I feel refreshed and recharged and ready to smash the last 8 weeks. I’m sitting at about 300lbs at the moment, which puts me about 8lbs heavier than I was at this point for my last contest. I am a bit leaner as well.

The weight just seems to be distributed differently. Better balance all around and my waist is down almost 2 inches. I’ve got a few new things I’m doing to bring down the waist to maximize my shoulder to waist ratio and they are working like a charm. A new week begins for me today, Sunday Dec 26th. I allowed my off day to fall on Saturday this week so as to spend those hours with my family. I just pushed all the workouts back so I didn’t have a day off mid week. Sitting down to Christmas dinner is always a fun time. I decided to over indulge this year…..on green vegetables! My plate was overflowing with roast beef, turkey and about 5 kinds of green vegetables. My family is extremely understanding and supportive of my life style. Although I must admit, this has taken a few years of coercing. I am really feeling as though there is a lot of room to grow into this show. One of the motivating and exciting parts of competing is seeing how much you can change your body from show to show. This year’s prep is so different from any other and I can’t wait to see the end result! Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. No regrets. Back to business! Focus, Set Goals, Grow! Pak