"I've got my focus on the New York Pro," says Juan Morel


Training has been going well for the past two weeks. I have been really hyped in the gym while training; getting really good workouts. I've got my focus on the New York Pro!! My weight is currently at 265. I've got 15 more pounds to hit my goal weight before I start dieting. I'm really hoping I can get to that weight. I been stuffing myself everyday trying to put on those lbs . . . from eating McDonalds almost daily to eating baked goods that my girlfriend has been making me, and of course eating tons of ice cream!!

Last weekend was awesome, I had my little baby girl. I took her with me to the gym Saturday morning... she tried every piece of cardio equipment! Found she loves cardio but not like she needs it! LOL. That afternoon I took her ice skating at Bryant park, I even ice skated with her, and NO I did not fall lol! Had a few close calls but I made it without a single fall! She had a blast, met new friends . . .she did not want to leave when it was time to go!! But we had to go fill our bellies with some food! We had a great day. Sunday was low key with eating breakfast with my daughter and spending the day with her. And of course my mom's cooking... Got to grow!

This past Saturday a few of my friends met at the gym and we a got a few workouts in. My girlfriend and a few friends met us after we worked out...We went to eat BURGERS at a diner on the lower east side called silver spurs!! After we ate we took the train to 42nd Street, times square, to coldstone! Oh my we were a sight to see! Four bodybuilders and 2 physique and a fitness girl all riding the train... We took up half a car! We went to coldstone and we ALL ate ice cream even my friend Akim who really hates ice-cream got one. (He always gets shakes, I was very impressed.) My friend Chris and I even went for seconds! This Sunday I was able to enjoy my mom's amazing cooking and spend time with my family. I'm enjoying my off season of spending some quality time with my friends and family.

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