Juan Morel Blog Update

Road to the New York Pro


During the week of the 16th I was able to go to Bev francis powerhouse gym twice in one week. Wednesday I took my girlfriend and trained my legs. I love coming here on leg days since they have so many great machines. I could spend my whole day here. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, or more like an ice-cream shop!! The next day I went back and did a video for my chest and triceps workout. So much fun.

Friday night I went to the movies with waiter service to your seats. I sat in a recliner and ate a burger, fries and shake. I had a great time. They played The Sitter, I was an extra in it along with some other friends in BB industry.  Last week I went to my daughters school to watch her holiday band recital. She played the flute!! It was amazing to watch my little one be so talented; I am very proud father. I was blown away watching all those kids get up in front of a whole auditorium singing and playing their instruments, I enjoyed every minute I spent in my Daughters school! She was so happy I was there  for her day; the smile and look on her face was priceless when she looked out and saw me sitting in those little seats.

Last week I traded in my car for a new coupe... Yes I know people always ask how I fit in it; Well I do and I love to drive to and from the gym and Costco (my 2 favorite places) in it!

Christmas Eve I decided to take my baby to toys r us to get some pre Christmas gifts. I took her to the one in Time Square, I felt like I was in Disneyland. They had  life-sized action figures all over the places and a HUGE T-rex wow!! That toys r us is awesome, I could have stood in there for hours. But we had to go...I also took her shopping for some new clothes... she's growing so fast. Later that night my parents, daughter, girlfriend and I went out to a very nice restaurant and had a very good time. We went back to the house, sat around and talked until midnight. So I went and got the rest of my daughters gifts and everyone else started to pull out gifts :) My daughter had so many gifts, she was so happy she got everything she wanted!

 Now let's get into training! My training is going great I'm making vast improvements. Everyone has been commenting on how much muscle I have put on, I'm starting to really feel ready for the New York Pro!! My legs have gotten thicker and fuller!! I was able to put about another half an inch on my biceps as well. People are telling me how my back got even thicker and wider... Since I can't see my back I'll just take their word for it!! I'm hoping to be 280 by the new year, let's see what happens! I'm very excited I start my prep Jan 28 for the New York Pro!! It honestly can't come fast enough... I know it's gonna be a good ride!