Kai Greene's Instagram Posts Will Make You Wonder if He's Planning a Comeback

The former Olympia competitor and rival to Phil Heath hasn't graced the stage since 2016, but fans wish he would.

Kai Greene's Instagram Posts Will Make You Wonder if He's Planning a Comeback
Per Bernal

Kai Greene is a verifiable bodybuilding legend. Just ask any longtime fan of the sport, and they'll tell you about his incredible size and definition. At the peak of his career, he was a favorite at the Arnold Classic and was narrowly edged out by Phil "The Gift" Heath at three Olympias. At his final Olympia in 2014, many thought he deserved the Sandow that went to Heath.

Greene hasn't appeared on stage since he won the Arnold El Clásico Brazil in 2016, but fans just won't give up on the possibility that he'll make a bodybuilding comeback. Greene was even given special permission to compete at the Olympia in 2017, but he passed on the opportunity.

The cycle repeated itself in 2018 when fans seemed convinced he'd make a comeback. Although he still didn't take to the stage, his fans persistently claim that Greene will dominate the stage if he decides to compete again. And one look at his Instagram will tell you why.




yeah..? BUT!!! Can you put a can in your back and hold it !??? (tag a friend)

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The 43-year-old athlete is still massive, and it's not hard to imagine him posing onstage alongside the likes of Heath and the new Mr. Olympia, Shawn Rhoden.



To top it all off, he's (jokingly?) alluded to his desire to take on the top names in bodybuilding once again in the weeks since the Olympia. Check out some of the most cryptic posts below. 






LOL !!

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