In a tough superheavyweight battle - in what may have been the best top five in a superheavy class ever at the USAs - Omar Deckard edged out Leo Ingram, then went on to capture the 2006 USA overall title and the coveted pro card that comes along with it July 29 on the UNLV campus in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the heavyweight ranks, Michael Ergas avenged a close and controversial loss at the 2005 NPC Nationals to win the class here at the USAs over second-place Lionel Brown, while Adorthus Cherry finished third, a mere point behind the L-Train.

Both Deckard and Ergas fought back tears after winning their respective classes, fitting considering the long roads each took to finally get to the pros. Deckard has been aiming for the honor since first competing at the USAs in 2000; the last two years, he was third in the super-heavies in Vegas. And Ergas was on the verge of retiring after falling to Jonathan Rowe at the '05 Nationals; friends and others in the industry helped talk him out of it, and it's a good thing they were successful.

Meanwhile, Ingram, who serves in the military and is based in Hawaii, was left to settle for the hollow victory of becoming the best bodybuilder in the NPC amateur ranks today - he absolutely deserves a pro card, and still has a chance to earn one this year if he decides to enter the North American Championships or Nationals later this fall.

In the remaining classes, Florida's Randy Chaney II displayed a notable physique (and a remarkable facial resemblance to Flex Wheeler) in winning the light heavyweight division over Knoxville, Tennessee's Peter Putnam. Las Vegas local Gregory Peeples was more than "The Peeples' Champ" on this night as he took the middleweight crown. The welterweights were topped by Perry McRae of Pinehurst, North Carolina, lightweights by Alex Azarian of Sunland, California, and bantamweights by a very deserving Fernando Abaco of Rocklin, California.

Following are the final results of all the USA men's bodybuilding, women's bodybuilding and figure competitions.

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July 28-29, Las Vegas Nevada

Men's Bodybuilding

Men's Bantamweight
1. Fernando Abaco
2. 2. John Ligsay Jr.
3. Recus Williams
4. Dewayne Warner
5. Eric Chesser

Men's Welterweight
1. Perry McRae
2. Jesse Sabater
3. Albert Diaz
4. Steve Kamya
5. Ralph Gaxiola
6. Lashawn Gonzales

Men's Middleweight
1. Gregory Peeples
2. Darron Glenn
3. George Maiorano
4. Scott Turner
5. James Allen
6. Damon Aviles
7. Julius Rumingan
8. Allen Sarkiscadeh
9. Cesar Moscoso
10. Jeffrey Walden
11. Marcelo Caraveo
12. Ali Washington
13. Brock Bentson
14. Tom Cook
15. Rocky Nehk

Men's Light Heavyweight
1. Randy Chaney II
2. Peter Putnam
3. Manny Torres
4. William Owens
5. Tamer El-Guindy
6. T.J. Hewitt
7. Ryan Imamura
8. Mark Erpelding
9. Charles Dixon
10. Neko Roberson
11. Anthony Delagarza
12. Justin Dees
13. William Ayoubi
14. Jess Agoun
15. David Coleman

Men's Heavyweight
1. Michael Ergas
2. Lionel Brown
3. Adorthus Cherry
4. Grigori Atoyan
5. David Hughes
6. Greg Jones
7. Dan Decker
8. Lee Banks
9. Troy Tate
10. Rick Sosias
11. Sean Calder
12. Dylan Armbrust
13. Jason Palafox
14. Thomas Wooster
15. Carl Lomax

Men's Super Heavyweight
1. Omar Deckard
2. Leo Ingram
3. Robert Hatch
4. Rodney Davis
5. Jerome Ferguson
6. Michael Rice
7. Rudy Richards
8. Kenny Gipson
9. Malcolm Marshall
10. Keith Williams
11. Scott Phillips
12. Ron Stevens
13. Korbie Nitiforo
14. Deshawn Grimez
15. Andy Snyder

Men's Overall Winner - Omar Deckard

2006 USA Women's Bodybuilding Championships July 29, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada

NOTE: Overall winner is eligible for her pro card.

1 Claire O'Connell
2 Melinda Williamson
3 Tracy Witherspoon
4 Melissa Alvarado
5 Rochelle Palko

1 Tina Chandler
2 Jennifer Sedia
3 Tatiana Tinnelle
4 Ellen Woodley
5 Tammi Burdelski

Light Heavyweight
1 Angela Salvagno
2 Christine Sabo
3 Karen Tucker
4 Debbie Bramwell
5 Karen Choat

1 Heather Policky (and overall)
2 Michele Neil
3 Sheila Bleck
4 Nekole Hamrick
5 Beverly DiRenzo

2006 USA Figure Championships July 28-29, Las Vegas, Nevada

NOTE: Winner in each class is eligible for her pro card.

Class A: Up to and including 5'2"
1 Kristen Gomes
2 Meriza Goncalves
3 Sarah Nakajima
4 Jennifer DeJoya
5 Melissa Froio

Class B: Over 5'2 to 5'3"
1 Felicia Romero
2 Melody Clere
3 Stacy Adams
4 Karen Mullarkey
5 Gale Elie

Class C: Over 5'3" to 5'4"
1 Consi Shirlaw
2 Lois Powell
3 Jana Stewart
4 Anna Laratta
5 Michele Naylon

Class D: Over 5'4" to 5'5"
1 Angela Terlesky
2 Tana Swink
3 Tracy Guarino
4 Inez Bess
5 Kim Farnell

Class E: Over 5'5" to 5'6"
1 Natalie Benson
2 Melissa Thalhamer
3 Stacy Clary
4 Paola Almerico
5 Nola Trimble

Class F: Over 5'6"
1 Simona Douglas (and overall)
2 Jessica Wright
3 Nancy Georges
4 Catherine Anderson
5 Avis Ware

Prejudging Report

It's a superheavyweight battle for the overall title at the 2006 USA Championships in Las Vegas. At the conclusion of the prejudging rounds Friday night, July 28, two men were called out one last time for a decisive posedown: Leo Ingram and Omar Deckard. Both were solid and in good condition, and the winner will likely be decided by the details.

One of those details, actually, may be presentation. When each competitor went through his mandatories, it was Ingram who shined, but in the final callout, he all of a sudden seemed a bit off his game, making some critical errors as the judges made their ultimate decision - he stood a bit further back on stage than Deckard, and while Deckard seemed cool and unruffled as he confidently hit his poses, Ingram struggled. It'll be a close race. Meanwhile, third - and a whole lot of momentum for his next national contest - may go to Robert Hatch of La Quinta, California, although Jerome Ferguson and Rodney Davis are certainly in the mix for that spot.

While it seems the overall is destined for the supers, the heavyweights also had some great physiques - and one major surprise. Adorthus Cherry of Modesto, California, crashed the party of the favorites going into this competition, Mike Ergas and Lionel Brown, and may just take top honors in the class. Ergas wasn't quite on the mark like he was at the 2006 Nationals, where he arguably should have won the heavyweight title and the pro card that comes with it, while Cherry - despite the bad choice of red hair dye - was sharp as a Ginsu and had a number of improvements over his fifth-place USA performance of last year.

The light-heavies have four contenders, including Randy Chaney II of Florida and William Owens of Peyton, Colorado. Local competitor Manny Torres of Henderson, Nevada, and Knoxville, Tennessee's Peter Putnam also made first callout. Any of those four winning would not be a surprise, but Chaney probably has the upper hand, although he could use some more muscle on his frame before he's ready for a pro card.

The Finals will be held at Artemus Ham Hall on the UNLV campus at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, July 29. Check back to Flexonline after the show for all the results, including who earns the two coveted pro cards.

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2006 NPC USA Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
July 28-29, Las Vegas Nevada

Men's Bodybuilding Competitors numbers and order they appear in the gallery

1 Eric Chesser
2 Dewayne Warner
3 John Ligsay Jr.
4 Fernando Abaco
5 Recus Williams

6 Alex Azarian
7 Allan Terrell
8 Brian Mercado
9 Mace Oropeza
10 Art Santellan
11 Mike Davis
12 Travis Rogers
13 Joe Bustamante
14 Bradley Sikes
15 Dayne Nishijima

16 Ralph Gaxiola
17 Albert Diaz
18 Jesse Sabater
19 Steve Karnya
20 Lashawn Gonzales
21 Perry McRae
22 Tom Cook
23 Rocky Nehk
24 Cesar Moscoso
25 Daniel Rocha
26 Ali Washington
27 Gregory Peeples
28 Brock Bentson
29 Julius Rumingan
30 Damon Aviles
31 Jeffrey Walden
32 Scott Turner
33 Jonathan Morisoli
34 James Allen
35 George Maiorana
36 Darron Glenn
37 Allen Sarkiscadeh
38 Marcelo Caraveo

39 David Fisch
40 Scottie Simon
41 Justin Dees
42 Michael Smith
43 Chris Hobbs
44 Randy Chaney II
45 Charles Dixon
46 Manny Torres
47 Jess Aguon
48 Anthony Delagarza
49 Ryan Imamura
50 Tamer El-Guindy
51 William Owens
52 Frank Nezdoba
53 Mark Erpelding
54 Nathan Detracy
55 Peter Putnam
56 Kyle Witherspoon
57 Monty Mabry
58 Robert McAdory
59 Danny Samaniego
60 William Ayoubi
61 Mark Alvisi
62 Neko Roberson
63 Luis Velez
64 T.J. Hewitt
65 David Coleman
66 Christopher Wright
67 Odis McCullough
68 Curtis McGovert
69 Martin Sandoval

70 Jason Palafox
71 Grigory Atoyan
72 Chris Lacascia
73 Sean Calder
74 David Dorsey
75 Troy Tate
76 Tyrol Dillard
77 Shiloe Steinmetz
78 George Asmus
79 Lionel Brown
80 Rodney Fisher
81 Michael Ergas
82 Nate Brock
83 Greg Jones
84 Cesar Martinez
85 Dion Johnson
86 Thomas Wooster
87 Jack Colten
88 Rodwick Solomon
89 Dan Decker
90 Dylan Armbrust
91 Gary Harden
92 Charles Dorby
93 Jason Moore
94 Tony Tauala
95 Henrik Thamsian
96 Joe Imperato
97 Rick Sosias
98 Adorthus Cherry
99 Michael Palazzo
100 Lee Banks
101 Carl Lomax
102 David Hughes

103 Deshawn Grimez
104 Andy Snider
105 Aaron Rhea
106 Marcos Espinal
107 Leo Ingram
108 Rudy Richards
109 Keith Williams
110 Korbe Ntiforo
111 Reginald Brantley
112 Rodney Davis
113 Robert Hatch
114 Omar Deckard
115 Andy Haman
116 Jerome Ferguson
117 Brian Davies
118 Kenny Gipson
119 Sanjiv Neal
120 Michael Rice
121 Trevor Richardson
122 Malcom Marshall
123 Scott Phillips
124 Ron Stevens
125 Sam Tonikian

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