Pak-Man Pummels Pecs

Go behind the scenes of Ben Pakulski's chest-blasting FLEX photo shoot!

Pak-Man Pummels Pecs

July 19, 2011


The July 2011 issue of FLEX Magazine features IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski both on the cover and as part of our 44 page chest training blow-out. In "Pak-Man Pummels Pecs," you get an in-depth look at how one of the IFBB's most cerebral pros combines intelligence with intensity to create some freaky chest armor! Here's a behind the scenes look at the Pak-Man's FLEX photo shoot. This is no "fake-it" for the camera workout; Pak-Man is training hard and heavy. Check out the video below and pick up the July 2011 issue of FLEX to see more!