PBW...Spanning the Globe!

PBW...Spanning the Globe!

PBW...Spanning the Globe!

March 16, 2011


It's been a busy start to the 2011 pro contest season and the boys at "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" are in the midst of their annual global muscle tour. "Whether an event is in California, Australia or London, we always make it a priority to have someone on location to give us the inside scoop directly from the event", says the show's creator Dan Solomon.

So far, in their 7th season, the boys at PBW have been delivering opinions faster than Dennis Wolf is racking up frequent flyer miles. Chad Nicholls, the prominant bodybuilding guru and new co-host (joining Solomon and Lee Thompson) has been the source of plenty of gym locker-room debates following his weekly critiques of some of the top physiques in the business. On this weeks broadcast, the focus was Australia, London, Japan and, not to be forgotten, the most talked about back in Germany, the one belonging to Wolf.

Hosted by Dan Solomon, Lee Thompson and Chad Nicholls, if you missed the Live broadcast, head on over to www.BodybuildingRadio.com and, as always, check out the PBW replays right here on the PBW Player located at the FlexOnline home page!