So it’s been about six weeks since the Arnold and I am training like a mad man with a purpose.  It’s amazing what embarrassing the hell out of yourself can do to your training focus and intensity.  I had some time to think after the show and talked to Chad about his opinion on my offseason training.  Since I like to get more than one opinion I actually talked to Hany as well to get his opinion on things.  After speaking to the two top ‘gurus’ in the sport, I’ve decided to go it alone this year.

I have nothing but great things to say about Chad and Hany but I actually think after thirteen years in the game I know now what works best for me.  If you guys pick up the newest FLEX Mag you can check out some of the new and healthy foods I’ve been eating in place of some of the old school foods we’re always used to eating.  Training wise I’ve devised my own two-part plan. 

The first part of the plan was about rest and growth.  I was training four days a week and getting in lots of good food and good rest.  Here was the split I was on:

Sunday – Off

Monday – Quads/Hams

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Chest/Front & Side Delts

Thursday – Back/Rear Delts

Friday – Off

Saturday – Biceps/Triceps/Calves

Here is the reasoning.  My legs are the part of my physique I would like to keep growing the most.  I feel that’s the key to moving up the ladder moving forward.  That being said I gave my legs their own day with a rest day before to fill up and a rest day after to recover. 

My torso is the strongest part of my body so I put back, chest and shoulders all together in two days.  After that I added in a day off to make sure I’m recovered for arms and calves the other areas I would like to grow into next year.

I did that split for six weeks and now I’m onto the second phase of my offseason, still emphasizing legs but in this way:

Sunday – Off

Monday – Quads/Calves

Tuesday – Chest/Biceps

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Shoulders/Traps

Friday – Hams/Calves

Saturday – Back/Triceps

So far its felt great and since I’ve limited my deadlifting this year it doesn’t effect my quad workout having it so close to legs.  My leg workouts have been crazy and I’ll be shooting some quad and a ham day workout soon to show you guys some of the new things I’m incorporating.

On the nutrition front, everything is geared towards a contest diet.  I’m still weighing in at 275lbs so I’m not too much heavier than I was at the Arnold (about 20-23lbs).  I decided that I usually make my best gains during my contest diet.  In that I mean, I train the hardest and am the most focused on a strict diet. 

What I’ve done is keep myself on that diet but increase the foods just a bit.  I’ve also decided to keep the cardio in to keep my legs loose and metabolism high.  I feel cardio really helps with my leg recovery and overall feeling of well-being.

I know some will say doing what I’m doing won’t lend itself to getting HUGE!  I disagree.  For MY physique, I don’t think getting big and fat is really needed.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the body can use some shitty food from time to time but I want to keep it lean this year since I’m doing my own thing.  That way I know what works best for me getting shredded and I also know what my body looks like and where I’m putting on muscle.  I’m gonna keep this going as long as I feel like its working and when I start a new phase will keep you all posted on what’s working and for how long. 

On a personal note, Wednesday I leave for FIBO in Germany!  I am super excited to meet all my supporters overseas.  SCITEC Nutrition brought me over to Paris not long ago and that was great and I know FIBO is ten times bigger so I can’t wait!  I have to say flying ten hours to get there and packing all my food sucks but its worth it to meet all the great fans and see a new country I’ve never been to. 

Stay posted to my site, my FB or Twitter; I’m going to be filming as much as I can and posting pics throughout the weekend.  FLEX will be doing a vid with me at some point this weekend as well so check back here as well!

Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad