Flex lewis jet lag2

How do you lessen the impact air travel has on your body following a long fight?


It’s all about planning ahead! I usually board a plane with two meals. (One is a backup in case we’re delayed in the air.) After the plane lands I’ll look to put another meal in me before getting to a gym as soon as possible. Training helps me shake off the jet lag.

However, in a lot of countries, even though BSN supps are not an issue, some foods won’t make it past airport screeners because of various regulations.

There was a time when I relied on the best intentions of others to make sure I had a meal waiting for me when I landed. But that was a hit-or-miss proposition, and one that often, even with their best intentions, ended up crashing and burning because the people who prepared the meals weren’t aware of my dietary needs. Now I’m fortunate enough to work with sponsors who ensure that I have precisely what I need waiting for me when the plane touches ground.

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