After winning the 2003 Canadian Championships and deputing at the 2004 Toronto Pro, Frank McGrath went MIA for the next five years, not finishing a single pro show despite false starts. This year the enigma returned and landed in the top 10 at the Tampa Bay Pro. Now McGrath shares with us his arm-expanding tips and favorite routine.


* Supersetting a biceps exercise with a triceps exercise is crucial for localizing the pump in his upper arms.
* With the exception of pushdowns, all of his bi and tri exercises are done with free weights.
* He pyramids sets of barbell curls and lying triceps extensions.
* Two warmup sets precede the first biceps and triceps exercises.
* Arms are worked once per week.
* Sporting the best forearms in bodybuilding, he no longer trains them. However, he did so regularly when he was younger. McGrath recommends most bodybuilders do wrist curls, reverse wrist curls and reverse curls.


Barbell curls 3 12-6
   supersetted with
Triceps pushdowns 3 12-15
E-Z bar preacher curls 3 8-12
   supersetted with
Lying-triceps extensions 3 12-6
Dumbbell curls 3 10-12
   supersetted with
Dips 3 10-12