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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Late Princess Diana

This will make you look at the woman in a whole new light.

10 facts you didn’t know about the late Princess Diana
Georges De Keerle / Getty

From philanthropist to style icon, Princess Diana was known for many things. TLC is airing a three-hour telecast exploring her life, legacy, and the conspiracy theories surrounding her death. Watch Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason on Monday, July 31, at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. But did you know everything there is to know about the late Princess of Wales? Here are 10 things you probably hadn’t heard.
1. She was homeschooled
A common thing to do for upper-class families, Diana was taught by a tutor at home until she was 9.
2. Her ring went to Duchess Kate
You know that engagement ring that eventually ended up on Duchess Kate’s ring finger? Princess Diana found it in a Garrard jewelry collection catalog.
3. Her sister dated Prince Charles
Before Princess Diana met Princes Charles, her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer, dated him first!
4. Her wedding gown broke a record
Princess Diana’s 25-foot, silk wedding dress was the longest in royal history.
5. Her dresses raised nearly $6 million for charity
Princess Diana sold some of her dresses to benefit charities for AIDS and breast cancer. The auction occurred two months before her 1997 passing.
6. She was friends with Tilda Swinton
Princess Diana and actress Tilda Swinton attended a boarding school, West Heath Girls’ School, together. In fact, they were friends.

7. She was also friends with these musicians
Princess Diana was also friends with artists George Michael, Bryan Adams, and Elton John.
8. She refused to say “obey”
For her wedding vows to Prince Charles, Princess Diana refused to say the word “obey” in the traditional line from the Book of Common Prayer: “[T]o have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us do part.” Kate Middleton followed suit when she married Prince William in 2011.  
9. She was too tall to be a ballerina
Trained in ballet, when her height soared to 5'10", she had to make the difficult decision to stop dancing.
10. She had various “common” jobs
Before accepting Prince Charles’ proposal in 1981, Princess Diana worked as a housekeeper, babysitter, and kindergarten teacher.