“Being ‘The Fittest Woman on Earth’ means I am prepared for anything — being strong, fast, agile, and having both mental and physical endurance as awell as being powerful and adaptive… all at the same time.”

Driving Force

“My favorite thing about CrossFit is you’re always working to become good at everything! Ultimately, it’s about being the best version of you. You can walk out of the gym knowing you’re better than when you came in.”

Pulling It All Together

“It’s important to know what holes you have in your game so you can work hard toward making them your strengths. My coahs has me focusing on anything that mihgt be considered a weakness so I can go into next season confident in any situation. Right now, that’s any kind of pulling, like deadlifts or pullups.”

Early Inspiration

“I did gymnastics from ages 6 to 16, then trained in track for a year. But I was still looking for something to really challenge me. In the summer of 2011, (fellow Iceland native) Annie Thorisdottir won the CrossFit games, and I decided to give it a try. I immediately fell in love with the sport.”


“When I’m no training, I like to spend time with my firnds and family and enjoy a good meal together.”

Fave Gear

Reebok CrossFit Chase booty shorts, sports bar, and Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0. “With these I can get through any workout.”

Daily Diet


Coffee with cream, 3-4 eggs, 1/2 avocado, fruit


Chicken or tuna salad with a portion of dark green veggies, 1/2 avocado.


Chicken or salmon with sweet potatoes and salad.


Fruit (her go-to snack), protein shake with coconut water.

Cheat Food

“I’d love cereal!”