Disciplined Diet

I eat a lot of grilled chicken and broccoli. I don’t have one cheat meal; I like to go out to nice restaurant and have something I’m not supposed to have, like pasta at of my favorite Italian restaurants. 

Perfect Date

The most important trait that I look for in a woman is confidence. If a woman is confident, you can actually meet her and get to know her. The perfect date depends on whether I want to be with that person. If I don’t, then going to the movies is great because you don’t have to talk. But if it’s the right person, it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do — it’s just about going out and learning about her. 

Switching Gears

As an artist, I had already spent a lot of time in from of the camera, but I wanted to continue to creatively challenge myself, so I got into acting. (He currently produces and appears in the Starz series Power.) I don’t have a lot of downtime. My schedule is packed right now; I think I have one day off this whole next month. I like it that way, though.

Gym Flow

My workout changes in accordance with what I’m trying to achieve. Right now I’m doing a lot of cardio or high-intensity reps, where you have 45 seconds to recover. Music definitely takes your mind off how much time is left in the workout. 

Words Of Wisdom

If I had the chance to give my younger self advice, I would say not to be affected by other people who may not appreciate my art.