“Genetically superior” is how WWE Diva Charlotte describes herself when she’s performing in front of thousands of fans. But while the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair certainly has her parents to thank in part for her innate athletic abilities and bombshell looks, credit a hard work ethic and dedication to training and diet for her sleek, sculpted physique. 

“My attitude is I don’t have to work out — I want to,” say says. “In the gym, you have to have constant discipline and a sense of wanting to be better every day. I thrive on that idea.” 

Charlotte (born Ashely Elizabeth Fliehr) is part of a new generation of WWE Diva’s who’s more than just a pretty face. An unwavering training regimen is fundamental to success, as is learning the technical skills to continually elevate the athleticism that is part of her performance. “Most of us have played organized sports, and we’re able to show off some of that ability when we’re performing,” she says. 

Despite a hectic travel schedule that keeps her on the road 300 shows a year (she returns home just once a week), Charlotte manages to keep her training on track. One of the first things she does when coming to a new city is to find the closest gym to the airport. She and tag-team partner, Becky Lynch, train for almost 90 minutes and then find the closest healthy market to grab fresh, clean food. “I’ll even pick up eggs at a gas station at two in the morning!” she laughs. 

Her perspective has paid off. Last fall, Charlotte captured the Divas championship by defeating champ (and former Hers cover model) Nikki Bella. “I take pride in being in shape and eating healthy,” she says. Fitness has helped her through some difficult times, including the loss of her brother, Reid, two years ago. “You don’t have control over a lot of things in life, but you can manage training and diet.”

Although she grew up with wrestling loyalty, Charlotte didn’t have much interest in entering the ring in her youth. She kept her focus on gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, and volleyball. She won two high school championships before playing at Appalachian State in North Carolina (she later transferred to North Carolina State University). But her father had her in the gym at an early age. “He set me up with a personal trainer when I was in middle school, which helped me develop a routine and a competiveness I don’t think will ever go away.” After graduation, she worked as a trainer before making the leap to WWE.

Her background has helped her adapt to some key moves inside the ring. “Wrestling is actually one of the most unnatural things you will ever do,” says Charlotte. “It’s very physical.” Her WWE coach, Sarah Del Ray, taught her to use her size (she’s a towering 5’10”) to her advantage. “I ooze confidence in the ring — even if I don’t feel that way everywhere else I go.”

Her famous father has mostly stayed on the sidelines. “He believes this is something I need to learn on my own,” she adds. But she’s adopted his signature howl, as well as his distinctive moves. (Her favorite is the Figure 8, a variation on Flair’s 4 move, which she now calls “A Figure 4 with a bit of Flair.”)

And while she shows no signs of slowing down — her goal is to headline a major WWE event — she envisions a day where she has a family, perhaps bringing up a third generation of WWE starts. In the meantime, her focus is on opening more doors for women in WWE and keeping her own star shining. “I’m having way too good a time right now to slow down!”

How She Does It

Typical Workout

Single body parts (back, shoulders, legs) three to four days a week, plus 1 full-body workout and cardio day. For cardio, she switches between teh elliptical machine at a high incline/resistance and the stairclimber for 20-30 minutes each. 


“I try to eat every 2 1/2 hours, with an emphasis on protein. I eat a lot of tuna fish and I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day.”

Cheat Foods

ice cream, cheeseburgers

Key Supplements

Woman’s multivitamin; fish oil; vitamins D, C, and B compolex; glutamine and BCAAs

Inside Her Suitcase

Protein powder, peanut butter, oatmeal, and Diva title!