Photo: Grace Marriott / Instagram

Grace Marriott, a 21-year-old Colorado native, is a confident bikini competitor. However, she wasn’t always this way. She struggled with bulimia for two years after being bullied by peers due to her weight, and she was finally hospitalized in 2013, according to the Daily Mail. 

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Once she finally became comfortable eating, her weight climbed to 242 pounds in January 2014 due to the long-term effects of bulimia still affecting her body. At that point, she knew she had to get fit. 

“I got help and became comfortable eating but wasn’t aware of the damage I did to my body, so the weight packed on,” she told Daily Mail.

Grace Marriott

Photo: Grace Marriott / Instagram

Marriott, who previously hated the idea of lifting weights, joined a gym and lost 75 pounds. With the help of her coach, Jason Allen Robinson, she trained to compete in the Warrior Classic in August and fell in love with bodybuilding.

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“My whole life changed,” Marriott said, “I feel so amazing. I feel strong, confident and proud. I can walk into a room or any new situation with my head held high.”

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