If you’re looking for an effective way to shed body fat, this Transformation Meal Plan is for you.  Dieting may seem tricky, but it’s actually quite simple if you break down the math. If you consume fewer calories than your body is accustomed to, you will lose body fat. Why? When you create a deficit of calories, the body reacts by gathering fat from your reserves, and you those extra pounds disappear.

The sample plan below was created by Shannon Dey, M.S., founder and CEO of Bombshell Fitness, a competitive training and coaching group for female athletes. With ample amount of protein, meals like these will ensure you burn body fat while sparing muscle. Keeping carbs and fat intake low gives this plan  an extra advantage. Sure, this style of dieting requires you to plan meals ahead of time, make schedules, and keep promises. But the results are well worth the work.

Dey’s Pro Tips for Meal Preparation:

-Meals should be spaced out approximately two to three hours apart.

-To calculate exact ounces, always measure food after it is cooked.

-Opt for fresh vegetables if possible, use frozen veggies if necessary, but try to avoid canned varieties.

– Avoid condiments and spices if possible as it can decrease your cravings over the long run. Approved flavor-boosters: Fresh lemon, Mrs. Dash seasoning, pepper.

-It’s ok to substitute one meal with a cheat meal one day of the week. This can be the equivalent of half of restaurant entrée, and should still include protein, fat, and carbs. Saturday nights are an ideal time for this kind of substitution. (Examples:  Steak and potato, half of a pasta dish, restaurant-style hamburger on a bun.)

-Unless you have been diagnosed with celiac disease by a physician, it’s ok to eat carbs and gluten. Taking gluten out of your diet unnecessarily can harm your results.

-As a time-saver, cook seven meals’ worth of food simultaneously and freeze in bags or reusable containers to defrost throughout the week. Trying to cook and prepare food everyday increases the chances of cheating on your diet due to time constraints.

Many people aren’t used to eating this much food and can feel full or bloated after meals. However, once the metabolism catches up with the meal plan, your hunger levels will adjust accordingly. With this type of diet, some people may gain a few pounds in the first few weeks. Paired with our Transformation Workout plan, however, this weight gain is normal and expected. After a month, the weight will even out and results will begin to show.

Always consult a physician before beginning any fitness or weight loss program.

Meal 1

4 egg whites

1/4 cup mushroom

1/2 cup oatmeal with 6 almonds

1/2 orange

Meal 2

4 oz white fish of choice

1/2 cup green beans

4 oz sweet potato


1/2 cup cottage cheese with 6 berries of choice

Meal 3

3 oz chicken breast

1 piece ezekiel bread

2 cups mixed green salad 

1/4 avocado

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

Meal 4

3 ounces lean beef

1/4 cup brown rice

1/2 cup broccoli 

Meal 5

4 oz white fish of choice

8 asparagus spears

Before Bed

1 scoop whey protein in water