• Go light on lunch: “Combining simple vegetables with a protein like chicken or fish will help you fill up on healthy proteins and fiber without wasting calories,” says John Rowley, best-selling author, certified trainer, and director of wellness for the International Sports Science Association. 
  • Steer Clear: “Swap heavy, ceamy soups and creamed dishes at dinner for cooked vegetables and low-fat or clear soups,” says Rowley
  • Use your noodle: Spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles give that same pasta-noodle consistency without the carbs. Make your own pasta sauce or just toss noodles with olive oil and garlic. Add a protein, like chicken or turkey meatballs, for a healthier twist on a traditional favorite. 

Eat It And Delete It

  • Eat It: 1 glass of white wine (121 calories)
    • Delete It: 32 minutes of walking
  • Eat It: 1 glass of light beer (102 calories)
    • Delete It: 12 minutes of jogging
  • Eat It: 1 cup of eggnog (344 calories)
    • Delete It: 29 minutes of swimming
  • Eat It: 1 serving of stuffing (108 calories)
    • Delete It: 28 minutes of walking 
  • Eat It: 1 candy cane (60 calories)
    • Delete It: 7 minutes of jogging