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It’s easy to get lost in the sea of social media. If the digital world is your oyster, you can spend way too much time navigating the waters of new trending #hashtags in hopes of finding one pearl of a post. Not to worry! We’ve filtered through the feeds and found 5 phenom-nom-nomenal foodie accounts you need to be following on Instagram!

Pasta @FeelGoodFoodie

1. @FeelGoodFoodie – Need some mealtime inspiration? This is the perfect page for family-friendly recipes, sure to satisfy everyone at the table! @FeelGoodFoodie shows followers how to make a creamy “Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo” – without the cream. How does she do it? All we can say is it involves a very smart use of cauliflower, but you’ll have to take a peek at the post to find the full recipe.

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2. @QuestCooking – This is the official culinary account from Quest Nutrition, showing followers delicious and indulgent ways to #CookClean. Ever had an ice cream cone that actually helps you hit your macros? They “Questify” all your favorite junk foods to make equally delicious versions that don’t destroy your goals. The “Black Forest Cake” pictured above is one of the many protein-packed recipes that will have you double-tapping post after post.

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Ice cream @FoodInTheAir

3. @FoodInTheAir – They probably say it best: “Do you like food? Do you like air?” If you answered yes to both (or either) of those questions, then you’ll probably also like @FoodInTheAir. When sticking to a strict meal plan, it may be best to peep this page on your cheat day to avoid temptation (or head back to @QuestCooking to find the Questified version). But, hey, even Olympic athletes need a cheat meal at least once a week!

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Dessert tower@CookEatLift

4. @CookEatLift – Joe Castro (aka @CookEatLift) takes his followers on what he calls “#foodporn adventures”. A far cry from the macro-conscious meals he makes at work, Castro puts his “research” in the spotlight as he displays delicious discoveries on the daily. Counting calories? You may want to eat with your eyes…or check out Castro’s new column on The BLOQ where he transforms these cheats into clean eats!

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5. MyHealthyDish_ – Creative and wholesome, @MyHealthyDish_ is a chef who offers simple, nutritious recipes that anyone can make at home. From soups to skewers, she makes it a family affair, often inviting her twin daughters to get in on the action as they prepare one mouth-watering dish after another.

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