How Can I Get Protein in My Diet without Eating Eggs?

Can't eat eggs? Try these simple food swaps to get your fill of protein

Dimitris Stephanides/Getty Images

Q. I know a lot of the high-protein foods recommended for athletes contain eggs, but I have a severe allergy to them. What other foods can yield the same protein-to-calorie intake ratio? — Bethsabet D., Albany, NY

A. “Eggs are nutritious sources of high-quality protein for the number of calories they contain [7 grams of protein per whole egg; 70 to 80 calories],” says Kristine Clark, Ph.D., R.D., director of sports nutrition at Penn State University. For similar protein power, pour a big glass of fat-free milk. (One cup has 8g of protein and 80 calories.) “Both eggs and milk are two of the most biologically available sources of protein, meaning they are both highly absorbable,” Clark says. Other good options include roasted soy beans (22g of protein in ¼ cup; 100 calories) and plain Greek yogurt (18g protein in six ounces; 120 calories).  

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