12 Turbocharged Fat-fighting Secrets

We asked three top pros how they ditch extra pounds in a hurry. Here’s how they do it—and how you can, too.


Ana Delia De Ilturrondo

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Ana Delia De Iturrondo

IFBB Bikini Pro

1) “HIIT” the treadmill

High-intensity interval training is one of the best ways to shed fat fast. With HIIT you alternate very intense periods of work with lower-intensity recovery sessions. I always start my workout with a five-minute warmup. Then I’ll do a two-minute run, and then sprint all out for one minute before dropping the intensity back down for two minutes. I’ll do this for up to 40 minutes per session, four or five times per week. The treadmill is great because you can play with the speed as well as the incline level to keep your workout challenging.

2) Rest less

To add more calorie-burning to your weight training, circuit train. By moving from one move to the next without taking any rest, you’ll boost your heart rate and increase your fat burn while toning muscles. You can alternate between upper- and lower-body circuits, or do a full-body workout. Try to rest only 30–40 seconds between each complete circuit.

3) Run the rack

Dropsets are a great way to increase blood flow to muscles, get the heart pumping, and promote muscle growth, which ultimately speeds your metabolism. To do dropsets, perform an exercise using a chosen weight, then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps. Keep dropping the weight until you reach failure. I use this technique once or twice a week, adding it to the last set of whatever muscle group I’m emphasizing.

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