Getting in and out of the gym is a good thing. It gives you time to get back to more important things, likely with more energy than your unexercised colleagues and family members. But you have to make sure that you make each and every gym session well worth your while.

Maximizing your intensity through a careful but calculated selection of exercises, advanced techniques and other factors can help you get just as good of a workout in 30 minutes as your friends who like to train for hours on end. These two workouts are perfect examples of how you can optimize your gym time.

When it comes to building strength and altering your body composition for the better in record time, there are three exercises that stand above the rest: the squat, the bench press and the deadlift. Pack all three of these into one workout and have an off-the-charts, one-stop-shop kind of routine. This varied approach uses barbell, dumbbell, bodyweight and cable versions of these classic movement for even better results.

Exercise			Sets/Reps  Squat				  4/8*		  Deadlift			  4/8*	  Bench press			  4/8*  Dumbbell squat		          3/12	  Dumbbell deadlift		  3/12	  Dumbbell bench press		  3/12	  Bodyweight squat		  2/20	  Cable deadlift			  2/20	  Cable chest press		  2/20	  *Does not include warm up sets  

Anyone who’s worth their weight in the fitness world will tell you that attacking your legs with ferocity is the best and fastest way to alter your body. These muscles, the largest in your body, have the ability to speed your metabolism when trained regularly and possess the greatest potential for strength gains. This routine combines traditional movements with plyometrics and isometric holds in superset fashion for a well-rounded and highly challenging 30-minute workout. You finish this routine with two sets of planks to tax your core to exhaustion.

Exercise			Sets/Reps  Squat				  3/15        -superset with-  Jump squat			  3/to failure    Leg Extensions		          2/15        -superset with-  Bodyweight Squats		  2/to failure    Leg curl			  2/15        -superset with-  Wall Squat			  2/to failure    Walking lunges		          2/15 steps each leg)  Plank				  2/to failure