Finding a friend, peer, or young person to coach toward her fitness and health goals will not only benefit her, it may also help you to stay motivated and focused on your own health and wellness objectives. Win-win! Research published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies found that participants who were mentored had higher retention and participation rates in their fitness programs as well as improved overall fitness compared with those who worked independently. Dallas-based IFBB pro and judge, Jennifer Thompson, started mentoring now-18-year-old LeeAnn Thompson when she started dating LeeAnn’s father a few years ago.

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The women soon bonded over a love of fitness as well as playing softball. Now LeeAnn’s step-mom, Jennifer, shares workouts, healthy recipes, cooking advice, and hair and makeup tips with LeeAnn. “LeeAnn’s energy, drive, and how she lives her life inspire me,” Jennifer says. “Mentoring her is motivating and helps push me to maintain [the fitness level] I have and not let that fall. I want to be inspirational for her and not let the small things affect me while letting her know that anything is possible for her.”