It doesn’t take luck to put together the perfect St. Patrick’s Day menu—just quality ingredients and well-thought-out recipes, with perhaps a bit of Irish creativity.

This year will be even easier. That’s because L.A.-based chef—and full-time Irishman—Gavan Murphy is here to take the guesswork out of your feast. Murphy has been preparing St. Patrick’s Day dishes for his celebrity clients for years (yet surprisingly, he has never whipped up an Irish meal for perhaps his most famous client, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady). On these pages, Murphy outlines an essential St. Paddy’s meal plan for the entire day.

“The misconception has been that Irish food is bland and boring,” Murphy says. “It might have been the case once, but it hasn’t been that way for a long time.” These days, thanks in part to its inclusion in the European Union, Ireland has become more culturally diverse, which has trickled down to its menu. It also helps that, as an island, Ireland boasts some of the finest Atlantic seafood, including some of the tastiest oysters going.

“Irish cooking can be healthy because of the purity of the ingredients,” Murphy says. “Cows and sheep in Ireland live in fields and are therefore actually grass-fed. There is traceability in butcher shops as to where your meat came from.”

Loaded with healthy vegetables, just enough meats to satisfy traditionalists, and a little bit of booze (because, well, it is St. Patrick’s Day), Murphy’s roundthe-clock recipes—from breakfast to the “recovery” meal—will leave you in a festive mood the entire day. Party on.